Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Sew: Nautical by Nature in Michael Miller Fabric

Vogue 5727

This is arrgh...guably the funnest dress in my wardrobe. I always wanted a dress with a sail boat on it. However, what's better than a sail boat? That's right, a pirate ship. I've always liked pirates since I was a kid. They always seemed adventurous, owned their own boat and traveled the world. What's not to love? I mean besides the plundering and the pillaging. To keep this dress from appearing too child like, I made it with a cowl neck. I think there's an air of sophistication that comes with a cowl neck dress. It says, "Someone please hand me a martini."

Vogue Pattern 5727 "Diane, sleeves, gloves and a hat? You're in Texas now, honey. It's way too hot for that. "

I did have a few issues with this fairly simple dress. I ended up draping it a different way in the front because I didn't like how it looked pinned. It didn't have arm facings, which keep you from seeing lines sew on top of your dress. I made my own, but I forgot that the front facing and the back facing need to be one piece, and I had to hem some fabric down at the shoulder. I'll know next time. I am pleased with the back, especially, how the red zipper stands out on the navy with stripes backing giving it a nautical feel.

With a ribbon, the dress has a cinched waist and better fabric movement at the top. 
The plain jane view gives you a better view of the design.

I was instantly drawn to Michael Miller's Making Waves print - the clouds, the boat, the waves. And while the anchor and the fishes are cute, they'll also draw attention to my legs. It's fun, but also flattering (Oh, look 2 Feet of Legs Underneath the Sea). 

My next project will be a fit and flare dress using Ann Kelle's "Hearts in Bright" fabric, which I have a challenging idea for. Then a little sewing break before working on some blouses.

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